Image permission by Seamus Payne courtesy of SKANSKA



200 Farm Road, Kissimmee, FL 34744


BRIDG is located inside NeoCity, a 500-acre technology district inspired by an ethos of collaboration and designed to transform the way we ideate, create, and innovate.
NeoCity advances beyond traditional research park development patterns by creating a progressive place in Osceola County that connects people with the community and surrounding natural landscape through a walkable and urban framework.


Square Footage / Roof type

  • 54,500 SF flat roof



  • Class 10,000 and Class 1,000 clean rooms
  • Upper roof is mechanically attached Firestone 60 mil TPO, DensDeck cover board, multiple layers of PolyISO and DensDeck substrate board on a metal deck
  • Lower Roofs fully adhered Firestone 80 mil TPO over Densdeck and ​Tapered PolyISO insulation ​with a ​minimum R-30 over a concrete deck
  • Insulation installed with a combination of mechanical attachment and low rise foam adhesive
    Shop fabricated coping cap and trim metal