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Roof Maintenance & Consulting

Roof Maintenance & Consulting


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Your buildings roof is one of the most important assets. Keeping it secure is critical in protecting your property from catastrophic loss. Leaks can quickly ruin equipment, furniture and files. While these things are often replaceable (and assisted through insurance) it won’t mitigate the time and stress of crisis management.

Preventative maintenance is always the best policy. Waiting to inspect could mean the difference between simple fixes and costly, time consuming repairs. At Hartford South we are trained to spot potential leaks and problematic areas before they happen.

Inspections can be scheduled annually or semi-annually and a detailed report stating any deficiencies will be provided.

Building Maintenance

Hartford South offers flexible Priority Service and Maintenance agreements that enable you to proactively schedule regular inspections, fix potential problems and give your business priority statues to ensure the most immediate response, should a problem occur.

Commercial Roof Repair

8 service vehicles, 20 professionals with over 200 years combined experience.

When owning a commercial building, it’s important to look for indicators of roofing issues such as sagging ceiling, warping, cracking, etc. Hartford South works efficiently and effectively to fix these structural issues and prevent them from advancing. We are also aware that on rare occasions roofing damage is not noticed until a leak is experienced. In these instances, Hartford South’s experienced roofers are available for immediate roofing repair, consulting and preventative maintenance.

Roof Project Consulting

We are skilled in estimating services for large or small projects. Above a general quote, this includes budgeting, detailing and design and structurally engineered documents when necessary. Our estimating staff is ready, willing and able to serve your roofing needs. Get started today.

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