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Sheet Metal Fabrication & Installation

Sheet Metal Fabrication & Installation

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Using state of the art sheet metal fabrication equipment for each job, Hartford South can manufacture any roofing need. This includes varying shapes, gauges and metal types and the ability for mass production of standard sheet metal items. Our technicians are skilled in roof-related sheet metal fabrication as well as architectural and structural metal roofing.

Trim Fabrication

Roofing trim is essential for the aesthetic and structural completion of commercial roofing projects. Hartford South’s in-house fabrication system along with our skilled technicians make custom and mass trim options available to all clients.


Hartford South is skilled in efficiency and quality. Our team of experienced technicians ensure that your new sheet metal roofing is installed with precision, ensuring that it meets code standards and that your project is complete in a timely fashion.


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Reasons For Choosing Us


Quality Material


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Superior Materials for Long-Term Results

When certified roofing contractors use a manufacturer’s material, they must first become “licensed” through the manufacturer. Contractors are trained in the specificities, and an agreement is made between each manufacturer and contractor, to ensure the materials are installed according to their strict installation guidelines. Hartford South’s roofing contractors are licensed, insured and approved by a long list of high-quality roofing manufacturers. These manufacturers include: GAF, FIBERLITE, FIRESTONE, JOHNS MANVILLE, FIRESTONE, UNA-CLAD, MONIERLIFETILE, MBCI, SIKA SARNAFIL & PAC-CLAD
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